Note on working in older houses-

In the fall of 2010 a new law went into effect about working in older houses that potentially contain lead paint somewhere in the finishes (RRP rule- Renovate Repair and Painting ). When repair work is done "disturbing" these finishes, the EPA has mandated certain containment and clean up procedures be followed,
I am certified by the EPA to do this kind of work, and the result for you is that it is an immaculately clean process.
For more information, Here is a link to the EPA booklet that painters and contractors are required to give to clients.

Renovate Right Brochure



A quality job is the result of a partnership between the client and the “applicators”. Your direction to us is an important component of that partnership. These are a few things to keep in mind...

1) The clearer you are about what you are trying to achieve BEFORE the work starts, the more efficiently I will be able to proceed, and the less extra costs will occur. For example, what are the colors, the finishes, and how what else is happening in the room (i.e. window treatments, linen) affects the paint finishes. When colors change in the middle of job, this often entails extra materials and re-application costs. Also I often tint my primers in the direction of the finished product to achieve greater depth of color, and if colors and finishes are not determined at the start of the work we can not do this as efficiently. I am not an interior decorator, although my experience with finishes that will be most suited for a situation will be useful to you. Ultimately, color choice is up to you. Sometimes a professional decorator can be of great help.

2) Any other work – electrical, plumbing, carpentry etc. is best completed before the paint work starts. This enables me to do the repairs or apply woodwork finishes that are almost always necessary. As a rule of thumb, the painters and paperhangers are the last on a remodeling project.

3) I will move and cover furniture, but I do ask you to remove breakables and “treasured” objects, empty closets when they are being worked on, etc. Excessive disassembly of a room takes time, and there might be added charges for this.

4) As I proceed, the usual order of work is as follows:

a) Wall and ceiling preparation ( wallpaper stripping, crack repair, resurfacing etc. as needed, priming)

b) Woodwork prep ( sanding, filling, caulking, priming) and at least 1 finish coat

c) Wall and ceiling finish painting

d) Wood finish painting

e) Wallcoverings and or faux finishes

As a note, although I try hard to minimize dust and clean up when we’re done, prep work for painting does create the “insidious stuff”. Because it is so fine it does drift around. We apologize in advance. I use a vacuum sander whenever I can, this helps a lot!

5) Stripping and prep of walls done on a time + material basis due to the unknown difficulty of stripping and the conditions of the walls beneath.

The procedure that we take to bring old plaster walls to hang or paint ready condition involves the following steps:

a) Strip the existing paper

b) Repair structural cracks with screws to tighten and then tape with fiber mesh tape.

c) Skim coat surface as necessary with taping compound (usually 2 coats) to fill and smooth surface.

d) Sand above.

e) Prime to provide even porosity for painting or vapor barrier for hanging.

f) Hanging- size with acrylic latex primer for adhesion

Painting- apply finish coats of desired paint.

7) Faux finishing takes both your time and mine to develop samples of techniques and colors that meet your approval .The clearer the idea you have, the easier it will be for me to achieve it. I recommend looking at sample booklets at paint stores or paint technique books to see what appeals to you. I have sample boards from past jobs to get ideas. Then I will make samples for you. I must charge some for the time this takes and will discuss this with you. This process can sometimes be more time consuming that actually doing the finish, so a little research can save you expense.

The actual cost of applying these finishes varies widely on the techniques and number of steps and I cannot bid accurately without knowing exactly the end result. I try to give a " ballpark" estimate of time involved, but it is charged on a time + material basis.


I enjoy my work and try hard to give you a quality job, professionally done, and with the least disruption to your life. You will find that I ask questions about details of the work as things move along. Always feel free to call me with any questions.

My business is one of referrals. If there is something that is not right, I will try to correct it. And if I did a good job for you, I hope you will pass our name to others. And nothing says a job well done like prompt payment!

What Clients have said

Robert Young Painting and Decorating LLC( formerly Young Torrey Painting) has been providing high quality services in residential decorating for over 25 years. This is a one man shop- Rob does the bid, and does the work. You know who you will deal with.

Rob has worked with many of the finest decorators in the Twin Cities, and in coordination with many talented contractors. He is usually hired directly by the client.

Interior painting, particularly in older homes, is very much about problem solving. Rob’s experience with the many products and techniques involved and willingness to always expand his understanding allows him to look at each project with not only an eye for detail, but to solve problems and recommend proper coatings. Decorators and contractors have depended on his expertise in this way.

His forte is smaller scale jobs- a couple of rooms, a specialty finish, re-enameling older woodwork, some wall covering. A typical job would be in a plaster walled house - repair the plaster cracks (using time tested methods that work!), sand and prime the walls, re-enamel the woodwork, paint the ceiling. The wall treatment might be a ceramic eggshell finish, or a rag mottled look; perhaps a paper. (works on sheetrock surfaces too!) Top to bottom painting.
Have some rooms that need a facelift?

Give Rob Young a call.

Here's what customers have said:

My experience with Rob Young, and Young Torrey Painting & Decorating, dates back eighteen years now. As Manager of two national showrooms in International Market Square, Minneapolis, I employed Rob for all room changes within my 20,000 square feet. That meant perfectly painted and in many cases wallpapered rooms and vignettes. There was simply none better at painting, enameling, and handling high-end wallpaper than him . Many of the Twin Cities finest interior designers would also attest to Rob’s service and quality.

I naturally employed Rob for all updates in my family’s vintage home over this same period of time. Restoration at it’s best, while maintaining the integrity of plaster walls is what you will get from him . Remodeling is always a disruptive experience for homeowners. That said, having him in my home has been a joy. You will find his work methods efficient and seamlessly fast. Coming home to see what was accomplished in a day was always thrilling, and my home was left clean and picked up each night. I continue to enjoy my walls, for they are the backdrops of good design.
- Mary Kinney

I am very happy to write this letter of reference on behalf of Rob Young. We have engaged Rob in many decorating projects in our home over the past 20+ years. He has been responsible for painting and/or papering literally every room in our house during this time, in some cases more than once. Each and every project was completed to our total satisfaction in a timely and professional manner. From redecorating to structural remodeling to an addition to our home, Rob and his partner in Young & Torrey have been constants. We have never considered utilizing any other painting and papering contractor. From simple paint finishes to complex techniques and papers, every job has resulted in the highest possible quality finish. We will continue to utilize Rob for all of our future decorating needs and are pleased to serve as a reference.

Don Brown

· Interior Painting
· Enameling- Wood Work Repainting
· Faux and Specialty Finishes
· Plaster Repair
· Wallpapering- Removal and Installation

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